• Knowledge and many years of experience with the mechanisms, methods, and financing of international cooperation through participation in the planning and implementation of numerous bilateral and multilateral programmes and projects in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa
  • EU- Enlargement & Integration: Fully familiar with the concepts of EU-Integration, Enlargement, Neighbourhood/ Eastern Partnership and External Relations; variety of occupational experience in this field, for example with the monitoring and evaluation of progress in the adoption of the EU body of law ("acquis communautaire") acquired as Task Manager in the EU-Delegation to Lithuania; extensive knowledge of the relevant EU-policies and operational mechanisms, particularly Phare, IPA, ENPI, ENI; participation in the development of programmes and projects under these instruments and in their implementation


International Cooperation


Development of an Assessment Tool "Good Governance for Host Communities"; the objective of the assessment tool is to:


  1. Conduct needs assessments for communities hosting refugees, IDPs or returnees;
  2. Develop tailor-made and evidence-based advisory approaches to support hostcommunities in the thematic area of good governance (e.g. transparent, efficient and accountable institutions, citizen-oriented service delivery, constructive state-society relations, good financial governance, access to justice and rule of law).



Participation in drafting an Orientation “EU Accession Negotiations” for more efficient and effective planning and implementation of development cooperation projects in a Country with an EU Membership Perspective (brochure and checklist for GIZ)


Support to the GIZ-project “Cluster for the EU-Accession Negotiations” in increasing the visibility of German development cooperation in Germany and Serbia; elaboration of the analytical part, conceptualisation of measures to be implemented in the frame of the project, preparation of publications, drafting the final report


Expert in the project "Support to the Ministry of Environment of Azerbaijan in the identification of environmental issues, which are suitable for a Twinning project partnership" (German Federal Environment Agency, project number 31383, Advisory Assistance Programme for Environmental Protection in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia)

Support to and training of the national, regional and local administrations of the Republic of Moldova on ENP: ENPI-preparation, particularly in the fields of regional development and European territorial cooperation; identification, design and development of project ideas and applications (GTZ)

Key Expert in the “EU-Integration”-component of the project “Capacity Building Human Resources Management Agency and Line Ministries in the Republic of Montenegro”, responsible for EU-programming and project management, inter-ministerial coordination, EU-Community & other programmes, and procurement (European Agency for Reconstruction – EAR; Eurecna SpA, Italy; Institut für Europäische Politik, Germany)

Development of the study “Support to Regional Integration- and Cooperation Processes – Capacity Development and Participation in South East Europe and Central Asia;” for the GTZ, Eschborn

Consultancy services to EuropeAid (AidCO B5): Drafting an operational guide containing rules and procedures for the functioning of the MEDA-Support Programmes for the Implementation of the Association Agreements (AAA); Participation in the development of a joint Phare-/Tacis-/Cards-and MEDA-Twinning Manual in cooperation with the relevant Commission services (ECA Control Engineering International S.A., Spain)

Twinning France/ Germany – Romania “Decentralisation and development of the Romanian local public administration”, STE for component 6: Designing a framework and methodology for economic analyses and impact evaluation of local capital and infrastructure investments on economic and social development