• Evaluation of programmes and projects, e.g. performing progress reviews and evaluations for the GIZ, evaluations of project proposals for grant financing under EU-Programmes, Community Initiatives and other donor financed development programmes,
  • Practical experience in programme and project appraisal, design, preparation, management and the technical implementation of international cooperation programmes and projects in Germany, EU-Member States, transition and developing countries; CapacityWORKS-certified
  • Familiar with the European Commission’s (extended) decentralised (and de-concentrated) Implementation System (eDIS/ DIS); experience with the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EC external actions (PRAG)


Programming, Project Management, incl. Monitoring & Evaluation

Head of Central Project Evaluation (CPE) of the project "Sustainable Land Use Planning and Management" in India (for GIZ, Corporate Unit Evaluation)

Evaluation of the GIZ-programme „International Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Development (“Städteplattform” Connective Cities - www.connective-cities.net)

Planning a new regional project funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in the South-Caucasus on management of natural resources and energy security in rural areas (ECOserve) in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia; Head of the appraisal mission (for GIZ)

Preparation of an Impact Assessment Study of the EU Cross-border Cooperation Programmes on the local social-economic development of the Republic of Moldova

Evaluation of the regional project “Rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast-Europe”; planning of a follow-up project on diversification of the rural economy

Drafting the Final Reports for two GIZ-projects in Serbia: Support to EU-Accession Negotiations” and “EU-Cluster”

Head of the Mission for the final Evaluation of the GIZ-Programme for Economic Development and Employment Promotion (Agriculture and Rural Development) in Albania (co-funded by the European Commission to support the preparation for the implementation and management of the Instrument for Pre-Accession – Rural Development, IPARD)

Evaluation of the GIZ-Project “Support to EU-Integration Process in the Republic of Serbia”

„Local Governance Programme“ in the South Caucasus: Programme Evaluation (PEV) and appraisal/ planning of a follow-up programme (GIZ)

Team Leader for the ex-post evaluation of the Open Regional Fund – Modernisation of Municipal Services’ support to Business Friendly Certification in South-Eastern Europe (SEE); Evaluation of three sub-projects 2011-2015, (GIZ)

Mission Leader for the programme evaluation (PEV) and appraisal / planning of a follow up to the German funded Civil Society Fund in Kyrgyzstan (GIZ)

Programme evaluation (PEV) and planning of a follow up to the two programmes "Sustainable Management of Biodiversity in the South Caucasus" and "Integrated protection against erosion in mountainous areas of the South Caucasus", with tasks in the field of regional development / institutional cooperation (Member of the appraisal mission for GIZ)

Project appraisal: Assessment of the planned new project "Integrated sustainable coastal management" in Albania, drafting the programme proposal to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Evaluation (Project Progress Review) of the GIZ-project “Modernisation of Local Public Services”, Republic of Moldova (GIZ)

Identification and formulation of projects (conceptual design, technical implementation and management structures ...) and preparation of grant applications, currently under the EU-programmes INTERREG V and Horizon 2020 (various clients)

Elaboration of the concept and detailed technical proposal as part of a Delegation Agreement of the European Commission’s Directorate–General “Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid” (DEVCO) for the management of four EU Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes with a financial volume of 12.5 Mio. EUR (GIZ)

Elaboration of technical proposals in the frame of international tender processes for EU- and other donor funded projects, for example in Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen (various clients)

Project Progress Review of the GIZ-project “Strengthening Local Self-Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina” and support to the development of a programme “Local and Regional Economic Development“ for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (German Development Cooperation - GIZ GmbH)

Provision of support to the steering structure of the Open Regional Fund for South East Europe (ORF), Section “Modernisation of Municipal Services” in strategy development and organisational development (German Technical Cooperation - GTZ GmbH)

Supporting the GTZ Regional Office in the strategy development process for the Open Regional Funds for South-East-Eastern Europe (ORF)

Evaluation (Project Progress Review) of the Open Regional Fund “Modernisation of Local Public Services” for South-Eastern Europe (GTZ); Head of the mission

Evaluation of cross-border project ideas for the Romanian General Directorate for Regional Development (Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing) in the context of a tri-lateral cross border programme under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (GTZ)

Evaluator of EU-LIFE Environment 2003 projects for the field of activity: “Land use management and planning” (GFI-Umwelt GmbH, Bonn, Germany)

Provision of support in project management to the GTZ-Twinning-Office and to the German National Contact Point for Twinning (NCP) at the Federal Ministry of Finance (GTZ Twinning Office)

Various expert workshops on project (cycle) management, project development and application for (EU-) funding as well as (EU-) public procurement in the framework of train-the-trainer programmes (GTZ, European Commission, Institut für Europäische Politik, Germany)

Management of projects financed by international donors in the field of environment and regional development (ABU transfer Environment Consultants GmbH, Germany)

Programme & project management for regional development projects (ABU Consult GmbH, Germany), e.g. for the EU Tacis-Project „Regional Development & Anti-Crisis Strategies in Russia“