• The strategieKONTOR disposes of professional knowledge in the field of EU- Cohesion Policy and territorial cooperation, covering Regional and Structural Policy formulation, programming and implementation, and particularly broad operational experiences with the implementation of economic and social cohesion (ESC)- as well as territorial cohesion projects: Structural Funds (SF), Community Initiatives and Programmes in EU-Member States, pre-accession assistance (Phare and IPA) in EU-accession countries, and the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) in countries covered by the European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership.
  • In the frame of several technical assistance and twinning projects on institutional capacity building related to SF-preparation, (EU-) Cohesion Policy as well as regional development staff of the strategieKONTOR  is supporting administrations in EU- (potential) candidate countries in their preparations for the EU-Structural and Regional Policy as well as for their participation in Community Programmes and Initiatives. The activities in those projects comprise - among others - drafting SF-programming documents, identifying eligible project ideas, developing projects and drafting project applications for EU-funding.


EU- Cohesion & Regional Policy; incl. European Territorial Cooperation

Team Leader ad interim within the Managing Authority of the EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) Territorial Cooperation (TC) Programmes with specific responsibility for the implementation of the two EaPTC-programmes in the South-Caucasus: Georgia-Azerbaijan, and Georgia-Armenia; from 01.12.2015 to 11.03.2016 key expert and backstopper for monitoring and evaluation in all the six countries of the Eastern Partnership (GIZ GmbH)

Elaboration of a structure for the management of the EU Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes Ukraine-Belarus, Ukraine-Moldova, Georgia-Azerbaijan, and Georgia-Armenia; drafting a Delegation Agreement between the European Commission and GIZ (GIZ GmbH)

Backstopping and provision of expertise on cross-border-/ transnational cooperation in the project “Modernisation of Local Public Services”: Advice for creating project proposals and applications for funding under the EU programmes for cross-border and transnational cooperation open for Moldova; support to the programming process for the new cross-border & trans-national prorammes 2014-2020 as well as the Eastern Partnership territorial cooperation programmes 2013 – 2016, especially provision of programming support to the State Chancellery (GIZ GmbH)

Backstopping for the Managing Authority of the four Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes Ukraine-Moldova, Belarus-Ukraine, Armenia-Georgia, Georgia-Azerbaijan (GIZ)

Support to the Ministry of Local Self-Government, Sector for EU, to establish the Operating Structure (OS) for the decentralized management (DIS) of IPA-component II - CBC (GTZ GmbH and InWent gGmbH, Germany)

Support in selection and upgrading of cross-border project ideas and the development of a project pipeline for the Romanian General Directorate for Regional Development within the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing (MDLPL), together with counterparts in both the Ukraine and in the Republic of Moldova in the context of implementing a tri-lateral cross border programme within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (German Government, represented by the GTZ - German Technical Co-operation)

Analysis of the implications of the EU-Cohesion and Structural Policy on the services offered by the German Technical Cooperation in the field of regional development in South East Europe, North-Caucasus and Central Asia (Study for the German Technical Cooperation - GTZ GmbH)

Support of the working group "regional, municipal and urban development" of the GTZ sector network SELLER: Advice on EU structural funds and territorial development, preparation of a background paper, formulation of theses, moderation of working group sessions (GTZ GmbH, Eschborn, Germany)

Short-term Expert for the Ukraine–EU Policy and Legal Advice Centre (UEPLAC): Provision of expertise in cross-border cooperation under the New Neighbourhood Programme /Instrument to national, regional and local actors; regional seminars in Lviv and Chernovci (German bi-lateral assistance, GTZ International Services)

Know-how transfer on preparing applications for project funding under Phare (INTERREG) and TACIS for trans-national/ cross-border projects in the fields of regional development, environment and tourism; Design, preparation and implementation of three workshops in Kaliningrad, Lithuania and Poland (BTE, Germany; Federal Agency for Environmental Protection, Germany)


Medium-term and Short-term Expert (MTE / STE) in various Twinning-Projects:

  • “Strengthening the Capacity of the MoE to Manage the Operational Programme ‘Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy’ under EU Structural Funds”, Key Advisor for component 2 on Programme Design - process of developing the Operational Programme Documents
  • STE in the German-Slovene Twinning “Development of Capacities for the Implementation of Structural Assistance in the Ministry of Education and Sports, and in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology”: preparation of a guideline and a checklist on public procurement; training of the personnel of the Ministries and of “project providers”
  •  „Setting up a coherent system for the Structural and Cohesion Funds in Slovenia”, MTE in component 2: Assistance in ERDF measures implementation, development of a project pipeline eligible for ERDF-support
  • "Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria”; STE: Provision of advice on EU policy making in the field of SME-Promotion and Structural/ Regional Policy
  • “Special Programme for Preparation to EU-Structural Policy in Cyprus”, MTE: Development of the Medium Term Indicative Strategy, Advice on the National Development Plan, Drafting of a Pilot Operational Programme and Complements
  • “EU-Special Preparatory Programme for the Structural and Cohesion Funds – SPP, Slovenia”, MTE: Provision of policy and programming assistance with the preparation of the National Development Plan, Assistance in building-up the National Agency for Regional Development, Objective-1-programming (ERDF)


Participation in the preparation of project applications under the CADSES and BSR INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programmes as well as the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development in teams of project partners from various countries (EU-MS and Non-MS)

Short-term Expert for the GTZ: Assistance to the Slovene National Agency for Regional Development in preparing the relevant Structural Funds programming documents: National Development Plan, Single Programming Document, Programme Complement

Design and implementation of a 4-days-workshop with actors of the Opole Woiwodship (Poland) on Programme- and Project development in the context of the implementation of the EU-Structural Funds and project development; Preparation of a Manual (Dom Europejski Opole; Congress and Training Center, Warsaw)